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Reformation: Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow (2001)

Reformation: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (2001)
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Reformation: Yesterday, Today And Tom...
Reformation: Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow (2001)

About book: Really good book, makes me want to teach through a "Why the Reformation Matters" class and use this as a primary text. Maybe I will. Trueman hits the nail on the head and challenges the reforming to embrace the heart of the Reformation. Covers and applies to the church from three main topics in this quick read: Jesus and his cross, the Scriptures read and preached, and assurance of salvation. Read it, and I'm guessing you'll want to keep reading the reformers. This short book is super good! Trueman is clear, articulate, and passionate about exalting Christ. This book is founded upon the premise that the past--specifically the Reformation--has much to teach us in the present. Trueman's broad definition of the Reformation is as follows: "The Reformation represents a move to place God as He has revealed Himself in Christ at the centre of the church's life and thought."Throughout the book Trueman elaborates upon this definition, and explains the need for churches to follow this move of the Reformation. He also touches on the importance of preaching and basing one's assurance of salvation upon God's own trustworthiness as revealed in the Gospel. This move is much needed within the modern church, which is oftentimes driven by feelings and experiences. If you are a leader within a church--especially a pastor--I recommend reading this short book.
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A few good reminders for preachers.
Enjoyable and insightful.
absolutely fantastic
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