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Rescue My Heart (2012)

Rescue My Heart (2012)

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4.5 Brooding stars :)So, I must said this series of caveman,alpha guys keeps getting better. And Adam did not disappoint, maybe had something to do with him being this mysterious, sexy piece of ass that he is. Makes me want to peal that onion and once I reach the vulnerable side of him I will just cuddle with him and do things to him that will make him feel better *wink,wink* anyways ... this book had it all. Humor, romantic going corny kind of parts, some revelations. Like the books before this one a bunch of cute animals going around. I like the banter between those two but also I love the time when words were no needed like those sexy,detailed HOT moments. Uyyy caliiiente! Anyways, out of all three brothers, adam is the hardest shell to crack. But all his broodiness is a result from a hard upbring, and a tough time abroad in the military. For him is easier hide all his emotions and just survived through life instead of living it. Until Holly came back in to his life and he start feeling again ... Every kind of emotion he hide for years are all over the place thanks to her. And I applaude her, she is not giving up. She loves him and she is going to make him remind her of those good times they had when they wete young but also show him that she had grown and they are goos for each other, then and now.Overall, I enjoy this book. We have some really good, funny moments with the nosy but loving brothers and respecting girlfriends. Can't wait for Kate's story she seems like such a sexy,nerdy goofball and I can totally related to that. It was a likable novel. It was not as good and hot as the second novel with Dell and Jade. It kind of dragged. It was tiring to read Adam's doubts of not being right for Holly, she deserved better. He had finally manned up in the end. I loved the banter, the dialogue between the characters. All in all, it was predictable. I read through it just so I could finish the book and move on to my next library book.

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A good series--especially like the animals like Peanut the parrot who says inappropriate things .

Quick, easy read. Just what I needed.

Fun love story. Enjoyable quick read.

A good read one of my favorites

3.5 Stars

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