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Resolve (2013)

Resolve (2013)
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Resolve (2013)
Resolve (2013)

About book: I will state upfront that if all the posts people make about running on FB annoys you, then don't read this book! It is a suspenseful mystery with lots of great twists and turns but it is also full of great running references. In fact, a newbie could learn a thing or two about running while trying to figure out "who done it." The main character is a former police officer who finds himself in the middle of a murder and an even greater mystery. Cleverly formatted, the book takes 26 point 2 chapters to run through the events. I hope Mr. Hensley writes another book but wonder if he will have to make it 100 chapters so he can run an ultra during the story? (Hey, how about a triathlon??) Resolve is one seriously good debut. Seriously good!Set during the course of the Pittsburgh marathon, the story evolves in real race time, switching between current and the story behind it, almost as though the lead character, Cyprus Keller, is churning the events over in his mind, going over them again, making sure he hasn't missed anything, justifying to himself what he is about to do, because he is about to commit murder.Cyprus is a professor at Three River University and a former police office. One of his female students is found murdered, he is questioned by the police and becomes a suspect. His former training kicks in and he starts investigating on his own, can't leave it alone, must get to the bottom of it. What's the link to his running group, how does this lead to the marathon and murder? What is his justification?Mile after mile the story comes together, mile after mile the suspense builds, the pacing is amazing, spot on, this is one novel that sucks you right in and can easily be read in one marathon session!Definitely one of those novels that leaves you thinking wow, I am so glad I chose to give that a read.
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Intelligent suspense! The best book I've read a long time!
One of the best books I've read all year.
One of my Top Ten reads this year.
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