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Resolved (2004)

Resolved (2004)
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Resolved (2004)
Resolved (2004)

About book: One of Tanenbaum's or is it Michael Gruber's best efforts. It started a little slow and the last chapters were a little anticlimactic, nevertheless it was a terrific read.The Butch Karp series has always been peopled with astounding characters and this volume does not disappoint. Even Ray Guma, the Mafioso prosecutor, shows up towards the end, along with Karen Stupenagel, Marlene Ciampi's old friend and rival from college, both in a very well done scene in Karp's office.The story revolves around a terrorist plot, the reappearance of an old nemesis of Butch and Marlene's, the sociopath Felix Tighe, and Marlene's return home from her self imposed, self-loathing, guard dog training exile on Long Island. Tanenbaum intersperses these threads with the trial of two policemen accused of shooting a defenseless Nigerian, Marlene's involvement with a local butcher accused of statutory rape, and Karp's discomfort with pursuing the prosecution of a gynecologist accused of raping a patient - all very juicy and fascinating sub-plots. He also does a good job of detailing the politics of the New York District Attorney's Office. Then there are the vignettes involving Lucy, Karp and Ciampi's very Roman Catholic daughter and their twins Zac and Giancarlo who are entering early adolescence. Sometimes it's hard catching a breath as the story moves from one focus to another. It certainly keeps the reader guessing at what could be next. Somehow, though, Tanenbaum ties it all together at the end. For some reason, I had stopped reading the Butch Karp/Marlene Ciampi series. Now I'm hooked again and plan to soon read the prequel to this novel "Absolute Rage".

#15 in the NYC ADA Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi series.NYC ADA Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi series - Butch is in the running for DA in New York City, while Marlene tries to live a quiet life raising attack dogs. Although teenage daughter Lucy still has those "conversations" with St. Teresa of Avila, she has grown a little weary of her fiercely guarded chastity. Twins Giancarlo and Zak idly speculate on whether their parents' marriage is finally through. On the legal front, a fishy cop shooting and an unusual case of sexual assault spark an investigation that leads the Karps to two baddies from previous books in the series: Arab militant Feisal ibn-Salemeh (Reckless Endangerment (1998)) and homegrown psycho Felix Tighe (Immoral Certainty (1991)), entwined in an intricate conspiracy to blow big holes in a post-9/11 New York.
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Mary JL
Another solid adventure from Robert K. Tanenbaum. I have read nine books in the Bruce Karp series and so far all get 3 or 4 stars--haven't found a loser in the series yet!I am not going to comment much on the plot as Tanenbaum writes a very complex novel with lots of plot twists. I don't wan't to spoil the fun for you any.In the synopsis above, it is mentioned that Felix Tighe had "escaped from prison". The particular method of his escape is intriguing and start the action off with a bang.The Karp series has good characters; good plots and good dialong---so try some of the series. The stories do stand alone but refer to previous books in passing---you would enjoy some scenes a bit more if read in order. But it is not required---I've read them out of order and still loved them. I would not give these movels to teens under 16 as they are a bit violent. The books in this series are highly recommended for any adult mystery/thriller fan who likes a hard, tough but well written mystery series.
Not as good as I expected. Assistant NYC DA Karp becomes a target of a crafty and brutal serial killer, Felix Tighe. who escaped and is seeking revenge. Tighe has been sprung by Islamic jihadists who are using his skills in a terrorist bombing campaign. This is a post-9/11 exploitation thriller that does not do very well in emotionally engaging the reader in the terror such events would garner�too matter-of-fact distance from the events. Instead, it�s focus is on the resilience and resourcefulness of Karp�s wife and three teenagers in countering Tighe�s efforts to eliminate them in the middle of the political targets. Karp�s concentration, and the reader�s, is diverted by a court case involving a police cover up in an unjustified shooting death. This is the 15th and last of a series which seemed better in early ones I read long ago
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