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Restaurant Man (2012)

Restaurant Man (2012)
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0670023523 (ISBN13: 9780670023523)
Viking Adult
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Restaurant Man (2012)
Restaurant Man (2012)

About book: I loved this book. It explains the humble beginnings of an Italian-American hardworking family, Starting out with one restaurant in Queens NY. Lidia Bastianich had the insight to see NYC as being the place to offer authentic Italian dishes and not a typical red sauce, spaghetti and meatball restaurant. It explains about how Joe after meeting Mario Batali formed many great ventures together like Eataly and Del Posto. If your in the industry this is a must read. What i liked about this book...It really read true to how I percieve Joe Bastianich to be. i could hear his voice as I read. Gives a different perspective on the restaurant buisness than the ton of chef written books out there. I liked how he talked of his father even though it wasn't a great relationship he credits his formation and pays forward to a better relationship with his kids.What I didn't like...Okay I dislike the f word and while it is honest I dislike when a memior puts down another person too viciously . The second half of the book was a bit slow.Recommend to anyone who likes how different jobs and lives work. Not really a foodie book but a how testaurants run book with quite a lot of people stuff in it.I read an article on the rating system and decided to try not using it anymore. ( i went back mostly just for me to remember if i liked the book )
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Fun, easy and very enjoyable for anyone working in the restaurant/food industry!
Not available as library audiobook or ebook as of 10/28/12.
Bleh - couldn't finish - arrogant jerk!
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