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Restore Me (2013)

Restore Me (2013)

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About book Restore Me (2013)

This book went nothing like I had thought it would. The twists the author takes come out of nowhere. I hate cliffhangers like the rest of you and this one has just that. You know it's a good book when you recommend it to a friend and said friend texts you out of the blue with a "WTF?" I can't finish that text or I will spoil the ending for you. If you felt wrecked reading Wreck Me then you will still feel somewhat wrecked at the end of this one. I can't wait for the next installment in this series. I love Damon and Jo and want them to have their HEA! 5 Wonderful Stars. To adequately explain my feelings for this book, I need to break it into sections, so that is what I will do.First we have the first chapter. I think the author must have just copied and pasted the last chapter of Wreck Me into the file for this book and then went through and changed a few words to make it a "flashback" instead of live action. 90% of it was seriously verbatim from the 1st book. That was annoying because I have already read it once. It would have been one thing if it had truly been rewritten and been Jo's perspective on the events looking back a week later, but it wasn't so I was annoyed.Then the next couple of chapters try to make you think that Damon actually died from his OD. *spoiler alert* He didn't. Which is made obvious by the cover of the book, and the fact that this story wouldn't exist if he died. Being suspenseful is one thing, but trying to hard to lead the readers to believing the worst is unnecessary.Afterwards, Damon is Zombie Damon. This part of the book has some seriously depressing bits with Jo feeling used and unloved. These parts were hard to read. However, it also had glimpses of Jo showing true compassion and a depth we did not get to see from her previously, so that made me like her character more and empathize with her more. Even though Zombie Damon was no fun to read about, I think this part of the book was definitely necessary because they both had/have some major healing to do.Then there was the period of sunshine, though things were not totally peachy even then. This last bit of the book set up the story line for the next book. At around 60-65% the conflicts were getting wrapped up, so the last 30% of the book was spent setting up new conflicts to carry over into the 3rd book.The epilogue left a serious cliffhanger, and while I have my views on what it all means, I am not going to share those with you, so you can form your own opinions.

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This novel was a pretty good sequel. I liked it; I just didn't LOVE it.... *3/5 stars*

Was good I liked the twist in the beginning. That was a new one!

This series seemed to drag.

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