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Revenge #5 (2014)

Revenge #5 (2014)

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About book Revenge #5 (2014)

How to write this without giving any thing away. Drama, Disparity, Gut Wrenching Heartache, Finding ones self, Over coming odds, Hot Sex, Love, this series has it all. All 4 of the first have cliffhangers, #4 being the biggest. If I talk in detail of #5, I will give it all away. This is definitely a must read series. My heart pounded as if I were in the front row with Jo, my heart ached for both Jo and Colt. I shed a tear or two. Very well written story of a young girl overcoming all the adversity that was laid at her feet. Please read this series I know you will enjoy them as much as me. Complimentary CopyI really enjoy this series. I was a little let down by book 5. This being said I think I was expecting more in from this book due to the others blowing my mind! This is a great read I would recommend it to anyone that asked me. Knight delivered her very emotional and edge of the seat read as always, just a little more laid back in this volume then I was use to in the others.

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Amazing conclusion to the story!

left wanting more...details

I love this series

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