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Reverb (2011)

Reverb (2011)
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Reverb (2011)
Reverb (2011)

About book: Reverb by Jet Mykles is a smoothly written novel about the pressure, excesses, follies, and pleasures involved in a life about which most of us can only fantasize – being a gorgeous rock star. If you’ve ever dreamed about standing in an arena as frenzied fans chant your name, you get that here. If you would rather be the one singled out for true love by a sex-god rock star, the story provides that experience, too. We get a realistic picture of a shallow and hectic way of life, starting out with female groupies and drugs pressed on our complacent heroes at every opportunity. The narcissistic and voraciously bisexual Marlowe decides to pursue his guitarist Nick in a classic gay-for-you plotline. Marlowe’s initial stupidity requires redemption, leading to a complex and absorbing book with characters who become better people in the end.The story opens after a huge concert in Phoenix AZ. Rock star Marlowe, already a walking pharmaceutical disaster, decides to proposition his new, young, straight, overly awed guitarist Nick, something that you’d think could get him sued for sexual harassment. Tragedy results, which sends Marlowe to jail and rehab, and Nick to hide out with his understanding uncle and cousin while he recovers from an injury that could destroy his career. Nick is an extremely talented musician and determined to succeed. Marlowe can’t get over Nick and is determined to make amends. If Marlowe can get off drugs and redeem himself, and if Nick can learn to trust again, maybe they will have a second chance together.Val for AReCafe I love rocker books and I really enjoyed the storyline in this one. I loved seeing the struggle with drugs and alcohol for Marlowe and his realization of hitting rock bottom, figuring out what was most important, and even a subsequent slip up which is not unrealistic. Enjoyed the relationship between Nick and Marlowe although I would have loved more dialogue written between them as they were becoming friends again. The book kind of seemed to jump a few weeks/months where they were getting along and I would have liked a little more development here to help explain why Nick all of a sudden had no problems with Marlowe after so long. Great book overall.
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Loved it. Musicians are my secret pleasure. It wasn´t too sweet but the emotions felt real.
I really like Mykles' books and found myself reading slowly to keep the book from ending.
I do not like books about drug use, but I loved this one.
4.5 Stars
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