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Rhino Ranch (2009)

Rhino Ranch (2009)

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1439156395 (ISBN13: 9781439156391)
Simon & Schuster

About book Rhino Ranch (2009)

Started off really well but ran out of gas (and even editing?) before the end of the story. But it occurs to me that could well have been intentional. This is the last (I assume) in the Thalia series (Last Picture Show, Texasville and Duane's Depressed, unless I've missed some, which would be my loss).The Larry McMurtry tendency to have consecutive paragraphs of dialogue for the same person ran rampant in this book. Beyond irritating. Disregard the three stars, I'll actually call it three and a half. Started a bit slow, enough to make me think that McMurtry had finally lost his touch. But, after sticking with it,(despite the indulgences of old men's sexual fantasies gratuitously thrown in by LM), it ended up being a pretty entertaining book, more humorous than the McMurtry I have come to expect, but ultimately displaying the pathos I have always known from this author. Well worth a read.

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I loved the shorty pithy dialog in this book. Loved the story - loved everything about it.

Often wondered why I finished this one....but I did.

Not much about rhinos, but a good story.

Sorry to see Duane Moore's stories end.

Starting out as good as the others.

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