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Ridge (2014)

Ridge (2014)

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About book Ridge (2014)

Ridge is such a troubled soul. There are a number of reviews that talk about what a jerk he is. Yes, Ridge can be an a$$. But he's more real that way. Not every single guy we read about can be perfect. Lane was pretty perfect but that doesn't mean his brother had to be. Nor does it mean that the book is bad because he's not. I loved this book. The bad, the ugly, the heartache, the love...all of it. The ups and downs and struggles were part of Ridge and what he had to go through to come out on the other side.You don't have to read Wild first, but you'll have more background on the brother's relationship if you do. Plus, you'll know how happy Lane is now. Not to mention, Wild is a great story.When Lane's dad died at sea, their family was crushed. Their mom took it hardest and killed herself a couple of years afterwards. Ridge was the rough son. The one that drank, fought, did drugs and stole. He didn't handle his mom's death well and after being sent to juvie, he and Lane grew apart. When Lane finally calls him needing him to check on his fiancee Mia, Ridge is thrilled to be needed. He never anticipated falling so hard and so quickly for Mia, especially since she belonged to his brother. But Mia felt the same way and it was inevitable that they fall. Lane completely shuts Ridge out of life when he learns of the betrayal. Ridge is okay for a while. Mia makes him the happiest he's ever been. The drugs, rehab, juvie.....everything that Ridge has been through and all his many inner demons are calmed by her presence.One night while strolling around town, he and Mia see Lane and his new girlfriend Kat. The guilt is finally too much. Ridge wants his brother back. He breaks up with Mia successfully breaking them both. This book takes us on the journey of Ridge mending his relationship with Lane and trying to move on without Mia in his life. It's sad and heartbreaking. Ridge meets one girl in particular, Amy, who he really tries with. But his connection to Mia is too strong and no one can take her place. He begins spiraling back into the darkness and has to fight not to give into to old addictions. Meanwhile, Mia needs him just as badly.Will Lane finally release Ridge from his guilt thereby allowing him the chance to make a life with Mia? Can they make it work together when there both so broken? Has Mia found someone else and moved on?I genuinely loved this book. No, Ridge isn't the hearts and flowers kind of guy that many of us seek. But he's a 100% committed man in love when it comes to Mia and together they are perfect. They fix each others broken. And in the end, it all worked out as it should. Looking forward to Slade and Dillon's book next. I don't know how to start this so I'm just going to jump right in here:I liked Ridge a lot. You can feel his inner turmoil like it's your own. He's had to go through so much and overcome even more. Surprisingly I liked Mia as well. She's Ridge's other half for sure and to watch them try to let go of what they have with each other is heartbreaking.The sex was hot.....but.....I'm not into the sadist/masochist theme. I've read my share of BDSM books and while most of them center around BD, this is the first one that I read that went the S&M route. A small part of me could understand it, but for the most part it wasn't for me. The fact that Ridge needed to give out pain and make his mark and Mia needed to receive it and loved it, that I could appreciate.The ending was really good!! I love this for many reasons but can't really say why without ruining it for anyone who hasn't read it. All in all, the book was well written but I feel that Ridge's reason for breaking up with Mia in the beginning was completely stupid. I get the guilty feeling but his brother is getting married for crying out loud. While what Ridge did was fucked up, I think the simple fact that Lane is getting married shows he's over them two being together. It doesn't make it right, but I feel Ridge could have made his way back in to Lane's life without having to cause himself and Mia so much unneeded pain by just going and talking to his brother and let him know that what he and Mia has is so real that it hurts.

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I loved WILD but ridge just didn't do it for me!!! I hope slade and Dillion have a better story .

3.5 Two seriously f'd up people. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the mess they are...

I just couldn't get into Ridge. And I hated Mia.


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