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Rise Of The King (2014)

Rise of the King (2014)
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Wizards of the Coast
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Rise Of The King (2014)
Rise Of The King (2014)

About book: Fantasy novel – second in this particular seriesNot familiar with R A Salvatore, I found out by research that this is the 27th novel of its kind which means that I’m coming in a little late!It’s the second in this series and the first chapters are inundated with names of characters, places and creatures which makes for a highly confusing story at first. It probably helps if you’re already familiar with them all but it meant nothing to me. There are frequent references to past events, no doubt from previous books, but these had to remain unexplained. However I persisted. The books ends on more cliffhangers so the reader is expected to get the next book in the series.Dwarves, Elves, Giants, Ogres, Trolls, Goblins, Dragons and Orcs abound. This is very much a book for the D&D generation: it’s all action and very little characterisation.I prefer my fantasy with more originality and depth.Fans of the author and the genre will no doubt be satisfied with this novel and I recommend it to them. The premise: The companions of the hall are back and they are needed.Other comments: As another reviewer said, this is sort of in the 'Empire Strikes Back' or 'Two Towers' (for those who hold to the OTHER trilogy) place in the overall story arc. Hence, impossible to say much of anything without spoilers and/or recounting the previous book...well maybe: Wulfgar is taking something of a kicking in this book.Otherwise, I'd say standard Drizzt fare, with the disclaimer that the standard with the Drizzt novels, I've always found to be very good. Enjoyable, but this one leaves you waiting for the next book. If that sort of thing hurts you, put off reading this one until the next book to comes out so you won't have to endure the waiting.
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Amazing book. The only bad thing about it is that I have to wait for the next one.
Awesome story can't wait to read the next book and find out what happens.
The Shark. Consider it thoroughly jumped.
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