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Risking Fate (2012)

Risking Fate (2012)

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About book Risking Fate (2012)

I swear these books are trying to kill me. I laughed and cried during this book. I love Ty and Miranda almost more than Colt and Van. Ty and his endless pranks with Van have me ROLLING every single time. His love for Izzy and what he had to go through to get those papers broke my heart. Then Miranda pushing him to go to that witches house and then believing that witch over TY UGH broke my heart. Then the whole car accident. GOSH could it have gotten any worse. There was one question left open and that is will she ever be able to have another baby? I was just curious about that i mean i know they just had twins but you know Ty is such a good daddy the more the merrier with them. I love Conner and Ty's bond at the end. Everything was just perfect. Cant wait to read more about them as the series goes on. I want to like these books and I WILL keep reading them because I'm now halfway through the series BUT this author needs to brush up on her medical and maternity knowledge if her characters are going to keep having babies and accidents. The errors in this shouldn't be a big deal, but they are really distracting. Half of what happened in this book would NEVER happen. I KNOW it's fiction but at least make an effort woman.

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This one was one of the hottest she has written. I couldn't get enough of it.

The best yet! I couldn't love Ty more. How did this happen?!

Ty oh book father so far! Love this family series!

awesomeness! Next...!

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