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Rivalen Der Liebe (2014)

Rivalen der Liebe (2014)

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About book Rivalen Der Liebe (2014)

It pains me to give three stars. I started this series with the last book and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. This one was just ok. I enjoyed both characters, and their dynamic with one another was great, there was just something missing to really grab my attention and keep me reading. It took me much longer to read this book than her other books I have read...I always found something else to do. The last third of the book picked up, for sure, but it tool a long time to get there. The first book was better than this, and as I said before the fourth is one of my favorites. I will take a bit of a break from this series and read the third at a later date. I have high hopes for it! Maya Rodale has written a funny little story in A Tale of Two Lovers. Simon Roxbury is a charming character and I thought his reactions to the upheavals in his life to be realistic. I wasn’t as charmed by the heroine, Julianna. She seemed to have no problem whatsoever destroying a man’s life, but the minute he made her social standing precarious, she was incensed. While Julianna isn’t a horrible person, she is at times very unlikable.That being said, I did enjoy the book as a whole. Ms. Rodale has written a story and characters that are not caricatures of every other Regency hero and heroine. I for one have never read one where the heroine teaches her friends the art of boxing in the front parlor after her husband has given her some pointers.Admittedly, this is my first Maya Rodale novel, but based on this read, I will look into her back list.

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Putting Maya Rodale on my "To-Be-Read-With-Glee" list, right there with Eloisa James and Julia Quinn

This is my favorite of the Writing Girls stories. (So far anyway. I still have one more to read.)

Just what I need... a new author to love. (sigh)

Love this book!

4/5 (B)

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