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Roan's Fall (2009)

Roan's Fall (2009)
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Roan's Fall (2009)
Roan's Fall (2009)

About book: This is a quick little read. Roan is a very sexy six-foot-nine wall of werewolf. When he encounters his mortal mate, he is completely engulfed in the mating thrall and has to have her, NOW! Since Ansley is not a werewolf, he is unsure how to proceed in wooing his tiny mate. After a failed attempt at dating, and complete brush off by Ansley, he shows up at Ansley’s work, throws her over his shoulder and all but beats his chest on the way out as the mating dance begins.I enjoyed this book, but I felt left out of some of the things that were happening because I didn’t read the Wulf’s Den series first. The sexy time scenes were steamy and the bickering between brothers and sisters-in-arms was pretty funny. I really like the premise of the book but I think I could’ve been more invested in the story if these smaller books were interwoven into a full length novel making the read richer and more substantial. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a short, paranormal read.Reviewed by Elizabeth for Cocktails and Books 3.87 Stars!For a 84 page novella or Novelette this sure was pretty complete. Sometimes these types of stories are a bit "undercooked" because they are so short. They may have fallen for each other a bit quick but all-in-all, a satisfying read. With any werewolf book the wolf spots his mate, they can't keep their hands off each other and they end up making some crazy love and finding they are bound to one another....Love and security that your man will not cheat on you....the best of both worlds. This is the first of a series...Roxie is a special Were who needs to be protected and these 1k+ aged werewolves all live in a mansion together with one protect Roxie. There is a enemy pack (Miles Pack) who are out for Roxie and it adds enough interest and friction so to make the whole story work.I would have loved this as a full length novel and found the H/h fall very quickly for one another (I suppose that happens in real life sometime and seems to happen alot in Were life.)....but otherwise, it is well written, fun to read and great characters.
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I love this series. I am just going to read them all and anything else Marisa writes.
Love this series but its real short
soooooo cute
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