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Rock Chick Reckoning (2000)

Rock Chick Reckoning (2000)
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Rock Chick Reckoning (2000)
Rock Chick Reckoning (2000)

About book: I was shocked how much I ended up liking this book for the most part because the beginning was heading for a 1 star rating for me. I hated Stella at the beginning, she was so self centered and selfish that I was baffled that Mace stayed with her as long as he did the first time. I mean reading about it, all he did was take care of her band crap or the morons in her band. I really didn't like the band part at all but that is personal for me the "just for fun" local band crap is a sore subject in this house so I would have loved to see her leave the intrusive idiots and concentrate on Mace. I also spent a lot of time skimming because I didn't give a crap about the band and really didn't care for most of their music choices so that didn't do squat for me in regards to the story. But once it got more into Mace and Stella working through their issues even with the action going on, the story took a turn in the right direction. This was a KA story that I love, well other than the other dumb as rock chicks butting their nose in a little much for me. Pushy much...that really annoyed me as well as the alternating POVs at times. I liked getting some of the guys POVs since that was a first but some of them were just too long and I wanted to get back to all Mace and Stella. I will say that I was so glad to hear Shirleen set these stupid women straight about how they act like being with these guys is such a hardship, even though they were too thick in the head to get what she was saying. At least Stella wasn't as bad as the others when it came to pushing Mace away. I think that may be part of the reason I started liking her too because she quit being a selfish twat about the same time she realized what she was pushing away.The action in this one was so much better than the others, nothing totally stupid and over the top which made it much more enjoyable to read. I actually liked the epilogue that so many didn't other than I am not sure how I feel about where Mace and Stella ended up, location wise etc. not them being together, that was great. I will also say I had mixed feelings about Preston at the end too, that was actually kind of sad that he finally did something good and acted like he gave a shit about his kids right before that happened. I normally wouldn't care but it was kind of sad that nothing could ever be reconciled at all with Mace and Preston. I will say that after this one I am looking forward to Hector next but I am dreading Ally, she is my least favorite of all these people. But I bought them all I will read them all..... This is by far my favorite of the series. Mace and Stella's story is so deeply emotional, that I found myself almost in tears many times. These two have heartbreaking back stories, that really get to you. There is a lot drama in this book, but it also has a lot of great rock-n-roll moments too. I loved that Stella was a real rock chick, as well as part of the rock chick gang. Everyone continues to be as entertaining as ever, and I really enjoy this series with every book.
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Got a little confusing at times as there were quite a few new characters introduced.
Listened to Stella and Mace's story on audio. So much fun!
Amazing.. Finished all the books back to back...!!
Fave book of this series so far
3.50 stars
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