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Rock Chick Redemption (2010)

Rock Chick Redemption (2010)
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Rock Chick Redemption (2010)
Rock Chick Redemption (2010)

About book: Spoil Free ReviewRating: 3 Stars - Liked ItGenre: Contemporary RomanceHeat: Hot - Fan YourselfPurchase: NookThis is my third attempt in Rock Chick series and at least Rock Chick Redemption was more an enjoyable read for me. I actually liked Roxie. I felt bad for her dealing with her crazy ex., but I still had a few issues with her character. I am starting to see a trend with the Rock Chick main Heroines as they love to push the hero away time and time again. But I feel like I really get no reasons why they do so. I understand why Roxie would not want a relationship with Hank especially after having to deal with a crazy ex. I adored Hank as he was your typical KA hero. Protective, loving and caring. The problem for me in Rock Chick Redemption is when it is good it is freakin fantastic especially with her crazy ex. Love those parts and of course with the help of KA sexy, alpha males. But when it is bad it is the worst especially when it came to the "Hot Bunch". The parts with the gang and all their crazy personalities are dragged out. I get this crazy group of friends are a main part of the series but really could of done without a lot of their nonsense rambling. I felt the scenes dealing with her ex and even some scenes with her trying to cope with her feelings with Hank were intense and was loving every minute of it. But then I am slapped with a new scene that is with the "Hot Bunch" and was just crazy stuff that is suppose to be funny. I have read many novels that are intense but still have a bit a humor in it and loved it. In Rock Chick Redemption the humor and craziness that was going on did not flow nicely. I feel like something is wrong with me as I am not connecting with this series. Everyone I know seems to love this series. Everyone does have different tastes as there are may novels I have loved, others did not and vice versa. I am going to give Rock Chick series another go. If Book 4 does not catch my attention I will take it as a series just not for me.Originally posted at Wickedly Delicious Book Blog I give it a 4.5...?? This is what I hate about rating a KA book.....I never know how to do it!! A 4 star KA book is better or just as good as one of my normal 5* reads....So this book was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. But not as good as some of KA's other 5*'s of mine. I feel like I need to different rating system specifically for her books!! I'm still LOVING this series and how the characters return in each book. I love that we're getting to know the guys even before they become a main character!! She sets up the books by making her next main character play a big role in the previous books. GREAT series!!!
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I can't get enough of these books! Another amazing read. Exciting, entertaining, and sexy. Loved it!
2,5 Stars rounded up Cause as an audio KA is always entertaining
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