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Rock Chick Redux (2000)

Rock Chick Redux (2000)
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Rock Chick Redux (2000)
Rock Chick Redux (2000)

About book: This was a bonus short story that Kristen Ashley had graciously posted on her website to sate the thirst of Rock Chick fans, such as myself. This number followed Ally and Ren on their honeymoon. Despite its short length, it brought back some good memories about the Rock Chicks and I missed them.One interesting note: neither Ally nor Ren's names were mentioned until at least the halfway mark (which wasn't far, considering this was only a 10-page document). However, based on the physical descriptions that were provided on the hunkalicious guy, it was so obvious that it was none other than my favourite Ren (well, one of my favourtie Hot Bunch guys anyway)!!!I'd consider this a must-read for hardcore Rock Chick fans. Thank you Ms. Ashley for gifting us with this! A ten-page read but still, it was able to capture my heart. It was enough, ok probably it wasn't because it really means that the series is done, but it is. Am I making sense? Gosh! how I wish everyone of us has the same faith in the relationships as these books but c'est la vie. I love it and I hate it. I love it because, what can I say?, it's a Kristen Ashley book and she never fails to give me a good plot but I hate it because (give me tissue, pls) the rock chick series is DONE!!! *cries* (or is it?)-.- but nonetheless, it's a wonderful series. Now, I don't know what to read. I've read KA's books and it's hard to wait for the others. The suspense is killing me!! Help? :)
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Always liked Ally's story best, the rockest of the rock chicks.
Bonus track, Ally´s honeymoonVery short story, all good
KA's rock chicks are the best!
One word righteous !!!!
love this short story:)
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