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Rock Chick Regret (2000)

Rock Chick Regret (2000)
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Rock Chick Regret (2000)
Rock Chick Regret (2000)

About book: The problem with every single Kristen' book is that they are way too long. As a reader, I can't keep focused on the story for 1800+ pages (kindle phone version).Other than that, the book was great! Probably my favorite one (I know this is not the first time I said that, and it won't be the last probably). Sadie was one hell of a woman, her story was kinda heartbreaking (especially at the start). And Hector, OMG! He was totally friggin' awesome! Love me some Hector! I made it this far in the series due to a misguided sense of loyalty, amazement at the positive reviews on goodreads, and one decent series starter. Think I'll listen to it again though to see if I was just temporarily insane.KA just rushed out these books. Like a drunken spewing of piss-poor character development. I know I'm being harsh. I just though the OA nature of every character were so annoying. the previews of the next book kept sucking me in by portraying a completely different character. Bored by the constant 'shock factor'.
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Another favorite! Read this at 4 times!
And again.....loved it!
4.5 stars
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