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Rock Chick Revenge (2000)

Rock Chick Revenge (2000)
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Rock Chick Revenge (2000)
Rock Chick Revenge (2000)

About book: I am shocked that I liked this one as much as I did because I had little hope of believing that Luke wasn't settling for Ava after his stunts in the last two books. He had moments in this one where I didn't really believe he was with Ava in a way that made me happy with it. I didn't care for the way he told her he wanted her in his life with or without the weight loss/make over, it sounded like he wouldn't be with her other than friends had she not changed her appearance. But I let his actions speak louder than those words because that may have been me needing him to redeem himself more after the Jules thing in Fortnam's. Yes that really pissed me off but then again all these people need to learn to keep their hands to themselves it is something they all do that annoys me, going back to expecting an orgy at any minute in a previous review. I don't know but I wouldn't put up with my man doing what these guys do and I sure as hell wouldn't put up with friends being that way to my man.I also ended up liking Ava better than any of the others in this series. She annoyed me at times especially pushing Luke away but I got why in this one it kind of made sense. Although I wish it didn't last so long because that gets boring. She wasn't a complete idiot and most of her stupid things were at least funny. I did have to skim "good Ava" and "bad Ava" that got old in a hurry, it was funny at first but it isn't funny 500 times in a 400 page book. The kidnapping was a little over done as well but it didn't ruin the story for me because this was more of a KA story that I expect with some stupid and funny mixed in. So once you skim her good and bad Ava thing and her "get off" or "step back" she wasn't quite as annoying and actually my favorite in the series so far and Luke did redeem himself for me. A much more engaging book than the previous one and a much more enjoyable read. Characters are becoming predictable, but that is to be expected after 5 books of much of the same issues being resolved by slightly different characters. The relationship between Ava and Luke was much better than the semi-unhealthy one between Jules and Vance, though, so that was an improvement in my opinion. Three more books to go!
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My favorite of the series. Loved Ava and Luke. Awesome couple.
Review when entire series is complete!
Top 5 best book. Loved Luke
Luke is the Man!!!
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