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Rock Chick Revolution (2013)

Rock Chick Revolution (2013)
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Rock Chick Revolution (2013)
Rock Chick Revolution (2013)

About book: I LOVE Ally and Ren! This book was perfect for them. I love that you don't just see that they meet and their story starts there. I like that they have a history and background together that everything was built off. If you have loved any of the Rock Chick books you will love this one because Ally is such a badass! I can't wait to see what happens with Mace and Stella in L.A. and I hope we still get to see some into the Denver people's lifes. I'd held off reading this one for a while, knowing it was the last in this series. I kind of prefer living in a world where there's more Rock Chick books to read so I'm a bit bummed it's over, but the family of characters had got a bit silly by the end of this one.This was Ally' s story. She's been a main character from the start and we know there was something happening between her and the lovely badass Ren and their romance didn't disappoint. The narrative goes back a whole year from the prologue so we get their first sex scene immediately then the build up to that later so, while it was a bit of a shame we missed some of the detail of their 'firsts' together, it did succeed in tying the narrative into what happened at the end of Breathe and the previous Rock Chick stories very well.There's a few sub plots creating a sense of peril and giving Lee's chaps the chance to show off their skills, but Ally' s character was fantastic in this too. For once the female lead isn't flouncing off and putting herself in silly dangerous situations, but instead she's thinking like one of the guys. I loved her relationship with Ren, it felt like a proper partnership.The only thing that really jarred with me was the whole sub plot around the books and 'Kristen Ashley' being a character writing the Rock Chick books about her friends, (under a pseudonym). For me, that kind of broke the fourth wall and pulled me out of the story. I think the story didn't need it and it would've been a better story without it.That aside, this was an excellent conclusion to the series with all of the hot bits, funny bits and squishy belly moments you get from a KA.Fab series. Recommended.
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i love ren....i feel sad no more rock chick book..huhuhu
I really hope this becomes a tv series...Loved it!
My favorite Rock Chick couple!
Love this series!!!
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