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Romancing The Duke (2014)

Romancing the Duke (2014)

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0062240196 (ISBN13: 9780062240194)

About book Romancing The Duke (2014)

This is my first Tessa Dare book and I look forward to reading more from this author. This story was light, funny, sexy and quite nice. Izzy the heroine inherits a castle and upon her arrival to claim the castle she was greeted by Ransom, the original owner who refuses to leave. They both must share the castle and what ensues is a story of discovered love, intense physical attraction and the subsequent quenching of said physical attraction along with much humor. Ransom is unlike other heroes I have read about so far. He is a unique Duke and I absolute love his character. Izzy is loyal, honest, funny and without conceit. This was a beautiful tale. It is silly.It is exaggerated.It is beyond unbelievable.The characters act as if they are from our time.And it is ridiculously entertaining. Izzy Goodnight's father was a successful author and after he died, everything went to her horrible cousin. After crossing out every single fairytale expectation, she ends up in a decrepit castle 'with nothing more to her name than a weasel, a letter, and her last shred of hope.' There she realizes that there are all kinds of fairytales.

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Good for what it is, but the Duke's 'transformation' was too fast and unexplained for me.

Funny, sweet, a dollop of angst in the middle, and original. What more could one ask for?

almost a four-star read anyway

Good historical romance :)

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