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Roots Of Insight (2012)

Roots of Insight (2012)

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0983993033 (ISBN13: 9780983993032)
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About book Roots Of Insight (2012)

This second book in The Dusk Gate Chronicles is every bit as amazing as the first. It begins with Quinn trying to adjust to being back home from her recent trip to a different world, Eirentheos. Will she and William (a classmate who also happens to be a prince from Eirentheos, and the reason she discovered another world to begin with) maintain the friendship they began, now that they're back on Earth? How is she supposed to just go about her mundane life when she was living a fairytale so recently? She's also reeling from her former childhood friend, Zander, pursuing her romantically. Our dear Quinn has a lot on her plate!The romance develops pretty quickly between Quinn and Zander. I wouldn't call it instalove at all since they've known each other their whole lives. But Zander bothered me. He was a little possessive, a bit too intense, really early on. He doesn't get angry with Quinn, but I get the feeling that he would in the future. Or at least with a guy who he might feel threatened by.Meanwhile, William has started ignoring Quinn completely. The anger boils over and Quinn unleashes it on him, demanding to know what his problem is. Turns out, William is severely distracted because his brother (and Quinn's dear friend), Thomas, has been missing for quite some time. Before Quinn left Eirentheos Thomas told her where he was going but she had no idea his trip would be so dangerous. Together, Quinn and William return to Eirentheos in search of Thomas.The plot in ROOTS OF INSIGHT is a fair amount meatier than in the first book. Which is actually perfect as the first book eases you into the story without being overwhelming. There's some serious stuff coming in the future books.Romance was pretty much non-existent in the first book, but there is some in ROI - not enough to weaken the plot, though. (Yes!) It does appear that there might be a love triangle forming in the near future... Or maybe not. I vote Quinn kicks Zander to the curb. Just saying. :)Quinn is just as awesome in book two if not even more so. She takes charge at times, but is generally her loving, thoughtful, insightful self. Quinn has a keen eye for recognizing avoidance and secrecy, and she doesn't let people get away with it for long. Love, love, love Quinn. She's my new favorite heroine!I really enjoyed getting to know William better. He is so incredible. And he complements Quinn perfectly. *ahem* Team William!!! They have similar personalities, but also have their differences - one makes up for the other one's weaknesses, and vice versa. Match made in Heaven people.What more can I say? I have zero complaints. You should absolutely give these books a read. More than once. :) I'm off to dive into book three now; there's no way I'm waiting to find out what happens next.**I purchased this book, however, I also received a copy from the tour host in exchange for an honest review. No incentive was offered or accepted for a favorable review or rating. I just finished reading this book for the second time. I really like it. One of the reasons is that Quinn is just so amazing. She is strong and tough, but not in an overt way, but she is also very much a girl. A lot of books have these lame girls who are idiots, or the flip these super tough girls, but this is more a realistic girl. Yes she breaks down and cries sometimes, but she also jumps into action when need be to save the lives of others, or just help out however possible. I really like her. She doesn't fight with swords or guns or anything, but she also doesn't take crap from anyone and she sticks up for herself. Awesome. I love this series.

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Excellent book! Keeps surprising me. I didn't want it to end. On to the next book in the series...

Plot keeps getting better!!! I am completely in love with this series!!!;)

I won this book as a Goodreads First Read.

Love this story!! Can't wait for book #3.

Stellar second book in the series!!

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