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Ruf Der Toten (2012)

Ruf der Toten (2012)
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Egmont Lyx
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Ruf Der Toten (2012)
Ruf Der Toten (2012)

About book: Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews is the fifth story in the Kate Daniels Magic series. It is a captivating series written by a husband & wife team about Kate Daniels, a mercenary who helps to clean up messes caused by magic in a post-apocalyptic Atlanta. Kate is tough as nails with a sarcastic streak, but vulnerable as well. She fights monsters with her trusty magic sword and tries to keep a low profile because of her heritage - if it comes out who she is, people will want to kill her. Kate is slow to trust people, but throughout the series she begins to form relationships with others, including Curran, the Beast Lord, who is the leader of the Pack of shape shifters. All characters are well written, unique and authentic, even small supporting characters. The story in Magic Slays centers around a case that Kate takes on at her new detective agency. As always, things are not as simple as they appear on the surface, and Kate's missing person case turns into a suspenseful race against time, culminating in a deadly battle with some arch-villains. Along the way, Kate explores her complicated relationships with her best friend Andrea and Curran, and begins to open herself up a bit more. If you haven't read this series, then you should. It is the best urban fantasy series out there; beautifully written, suspenseful, fun, and full of interesting characters. The world is so perfectly detailed and realistic that it feels completely real and authentic. Worth reading and re-reading. More like this entire book slays. As does this series. Kate is the absolute business, I got the Kate/Derek shenanigans I was missing last book, in addition to excellent Kate/Julie, Kate/Andrea, and honestly Kate/everyone moments. Obviously I worship the Kate/Curran ship at this point, but I'm so so so glad that they're dealing with the shit thrown their way as a couple, instead of letting it become an obstacle that tears them apart or making it into a reason as to why they can't possibly be together. I also laughed my ass off.
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Books in this series never fail me -- I'm always completely satisfied when I reach the end.
not as strong, but still A-mazing.
3.5 stars
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