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Rules Of Regret, The (2014)

Rules of Regret, The (2014)
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Rules Of Regret, The (2014)
Rules Of Regret, The (2014)

About book: Rules of Regret is a beautiful tale of innocent love and finding your place in the world.After Darby's long time (and complete jerk!) boyfriend leaves her for the summer she decides she needs to do something to pass the time and earn a little money. In order to push herself, she becomes a counselor at an outdoor summercamp which leads to some pretty funny moments (cause Darby is not an outdoors kind of girl).Torin is the resident hottie camp counselor who also happens to be the son of the camp owner. Torin is a total sweetheart like all of Megan Squire's leading men. He pushes Darby to the limits and wants her to 'find herself'. It's obvious that he likes her but he also knows she has a boyfriend so he's not willing to pursue her.When Darby's boyfriend breaks up with her (I really wanted to punch him), Torin is there and willing to help Darby both find real love and learn to stop living in her sister's shadow.There is a strong theme of grief and suicide in this book (not necessarily related) which I believe were portrayed very well and realistically. The characters are likeable and I totally fell in love with Torin.My only problem was that I felt the end wrapped up too quickly. This is a stand alone and has a happy ending but I didn't feel like Torin and Darby's story really ended. They will still have a lot of overcome and face in the future so a sequel or novella would be great.I happily give this book five stars and encourage you to read this and all of Megan's books! There is no sex, but she manages to make the books sexy all the same and her characters have a real connection that the reader can feel. The humor is subtle but several parts made me smile or laugh out loud. Thank you Megan! I honestly don't know what to make of this book. In places it was sweet and romantic, but I mainly felt deeply irritated by the inexplicable attraction that a perfectly lovely hero felt for yet another dead behind the eyes, traumatised, selfish, thoughtless heroine, completely wrapped up in her own misery. Seriously what do these men see in these women? Ooh look, there's someone who is going to be a complete pain in the arse, utterly self centred and full of shit. She's pretty though, so it's worth a shot! What I did admire was the non preachy nature of Torin's faith, the quiet way he lived by his beliefs and the way Darby accepted his choices. The last twenty percent of the book felt like a series of endings, as if the author didn't know when to just stop writing. It was flat, slightly dreamlike and oddly jarring when compared to the first half of the book. Then again, if I think back to when I was nineteen I remember thinking deep thoughts and spouting profound nothings with my friends as if we were the only people who got it. So while this book didn't work for me now, maybe back then I have thought it was absolutely spot on.
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that was one of the cutest endings in the history of endings. Loved this book!
Teen love story. And not even a good one.
October 2014
2.5 stars.
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