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Running Hot (2008)

Running Hot (2008)

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039915521X (ISBN13: 9780399155215)
Putnam Adult

About book Running Hot (2008)

Grace has the ability to read auras. She has taken on a new identity to save her life and is working for J&J. Luther is an ex cop living in Hawaii, after he was shot during a take-down. The two are together in Hawaii observing a Mr. Eubanks for the Arcane Society. Not the easy job it had been predicated to be.The twists and turns of the story kept me interested. There were surprises along the way to a good ending. Not my favorite JAK by any means. I usually really enoy her Arcane Society novels, but this one left much to be desired. The hero and heroine hopped into bed together almost immediately. I really prefer to see them build a relationship before they get down to business. Also characters kept getting introduced constantly, and it was hard to tell who was important or a side character or honestly didn't even belong in the book. Almost half way through the novel you sort of just look around and you're like who are all these people and how do they relate to this story. I almost wanted to just move on to her next one, but I stuck it out. Not really necessary though, this is a skippable book for me.

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I'm enjoying the Arcane Society novels.I think you should give them a read.

Good story with lots of action and some romance.

Love her arcane series!

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