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Rush For The Gold: Mystery At The Olympics (2012)

Rush for the Gold: Mystery at the Olympics (2012)

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0375869638 (ISBN13: 9780375869631)
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About book Rush For The Gold: Mystery At The Olympics (2012)

Susan Carol Anderson is usually covering sports events with her friend and reporting partner, Stevie Thomas. Now, however, she is competing – in the summer Olympics – as a swimmer, and Stevie is covering her competitions!Susan Carol’s promoters are shady characters. Something else is not right. Stevie cannot put his finger on it – and will not rest until he can figure things out! I did not like this book because of the point of view the main character is Susan Carol but it is told by a narrator. The book was about her swimming in the Olympics, as you know the Olympics can change a persons life forever or they could go home with nothing but regret. Everything from the training to her winning gold or winning nothing should have been emotional but with a narrator it just wasn't instead of feeling Susan Carols pain and happiness I felt nothing. I did not get attached to this book like I have other sports stories. It was a good idea but the book seriously lacked emotion and that is super important to me when I am reading. I also wish there had been more pressure on Susan Carol to win like her family needed the money it would have made it more excited and would have made you wonder what would happen if she didn't win.

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AWESOME BOOK!! I'm a swimmer so I could easily connect with it

Very interesting. I would recommend this book to someone!

read with Josh--we love this series!

Loved it


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