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S Before Ex (2011)

S Before Ex (2011)

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Beautifully written. The only problem I had was that the author stuck to stereotype - In their 8-9 years apart heroine Claire is totally dead inside. Like no guy can touch her. But the Hero has how do you put it .. been with other women. He also goes on to explain there were 4 other women in his life, 2 of whom were the equivalent of ONS and the other two were brief, on-off, falling short liasons.Also there was no epilogue. Overall rating -- 4.5 starsA wonderfully heart-wrenching book that proves an HP romance can successfully be both deeply emotional and sexy and romantic.Honestly, with a totally cute title like "The S Before Ex", I was expecting a very lighthearted reunion romp. Instead, I got a true-to-life story about a couple who had to overcome a tragic past in order to realize they both loved each other nine years later. Even as I started to piece together what had happened (the author doesn't reveal the whole background story at the beginning), I felt emotionally connected to the hero and heroine. I was wanting them to reconcile the moment they saw each other again.This book includes a lot of narrative, which is usually a big minus for me, but the author still made it work -- possibly because every interaction and conversation between the protagonists demonstrated their emotions, wants and needs.And I loved when this couple fought! It didn't seem like the same fight over and over again. Each argument revealed something new about their past or current feelings to the read as well as to each other (and themselves).

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★★☆ 2.5 stars

it was sweet :)

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