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Sé Lo Que Estás Pensando (2010)

Sé lo que estás pensando (2010)

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8499181368 (ISBN13: 9788499181363)
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About book Sé Lo Que Estás Pensando (2010)

Es un libro raro, al principio parece libro de superación personal, luego ya se dedica al esclarecimiento de los crímenes. Mucho de lo que el policía resuelve en este libro, cuenta con la ayuda de otras personas, principalmente de su esposa, por lo que no sería tan buen detective si tuviera que analizar los hechos él solo, aunque por lo menos le da el crédito a su esposa.Me ha parecido muy similar la manera de escribir de este autor con Dan Brown, por mi parte, me quedo sólo con este libro, no es mi intención seguir leyendo a este autor. I decided to read this book following recommendations from a reading group and, while I'm not disappointed by the choice, I was expecting a lot more.I will spare you the summary of the book as I personally despise people spoiling plot twists in reviews, but this is a detective fiction novel, so don't expect anything ground breaking.The story was "okay". Started out quite slow, but then picked up steadily and made me want to turn pages and find out what would happen. The ending feels a bit rushed for me, but that's all dependant on your personal taste.Was put me off the most was the writing style of the author. It is the first novel in a series, so I guess you have to start somewhere, but some sequences were simply too convoluted and some poor word choices hindered the flow. I mean, if you want to throw a game-winning, jaw-dropping Scrabble gem, put it in the right place, not surrounded by another language level entirely.The main characters had decent progression, emotional backgrounds and personality. However, there is one specific character that, I feel, was just plain annoying, stereotypical and, quite frankly, useless in any way, shape or form and should have been cut. Having to suffer his witty one liners during 40 pages was a pain I don't wish on anyone.The intrigue was also a tad far-fetched for my liking and fell short compared to my expectations and how the story was built up. I guess you can't have it all. An okay book, at best.

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Without question, the best book I have read all year.

4.5 en realidad

a good thriller



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