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Saga #13 (2013)

Saga #13 (2013)
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Saga #13 (2013)
Saga #13 (2013)

About book: I have sooooooooooooooooooooooo missed Saga. It was good to return to the adventures! I already have #14....will start that today. I normally need to read a series one after another because I will forget most of what happens once I close a book. Not so with the Saga series! It's been a while since I finished #12........and yet when I started #13 the entire saga (no pun intended) came back! Onward to #14! Saga is the first comic I've insisted on following issue by issue (digitally, and then purchasing the trades when they're released), and this seems to be the story for MANY other people.I was super antsy the last couple months while the creators took a hiatus, and the return didn't disappoint in the slightest.One recommendation I have for other readers is to seek out the individual issues in whatever way you have to because reading the snail-mail letters section at the end is always an exciting experience in itself. I feel such a range of strong emotions as I read through the letters to and from Brian K. Vaughan and am glad he chose to go the Luddite route. It is personal, insightful, and often hilarious.
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I'VE MISSED YOU SAGA. Gosh, that ended so soon!(Read on August 18th, 2013)
Slave Girl finally has a name. I'm starting to empathize with The Will.
I feel bad The will :3and finally "Slave girl" has a name!
Yes! Saga is back, and as awesome as ever!
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