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Saint City Sinners (2007)

Saint City Sinners (2007)

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*Getting kicked around and half-strangled by the Devil was getting to be almost routine by now.*After the events in Sarajevo Dante and Japhrimel are in Cairo Giza when a message from Gabe reaches her. Dante has to go back to Saint City to help friend. But it`s going to be more than help it`s avenge. But that its not all on her agenda: her god Anubis has a mysterious quest for her and Lucifer wants her to hunt Eve and the other escaped demons. Together with the Deathless Lucas, the Hellesvrontagents McKinley, the Necromance bounty hunter Leander and her demonlover Japhrimel she has to face dangerous situations and find out whom she can trust. The story is beginning just where the third book ends– an overture gives a resumee of the events in Sarajevo. Japhrimel and Dante have a truce and are careful what they say to each other. Some times Japhrimel seems to be more open and Dante not as angry but then they fight again. Not even Dante herself knows what to think about their relationship. She knows that she loves him but is not happy with the situation. I wasn`t either. All their quarrels were just boring. Dante has some trust problems and is really stubborn but then nobody should be afraid of their partner. But thinking about it, I have read so many books about a human and paranormal relationship – and all the meant-to-be-together and never met one that was speaking about the power-struggle or the fact, that one of the two has more strength and could use it to make the other do what he wants. So I found it a good idea to write also about this site of such a relationship – also when it really bored me that they have all that problems and can not come to an agreement and be happy together. (Maybe I am all romantic and like such stories more...)I was angry that all others know so much more about what is going on, and nobody is telling it to Dante (and the reader). And then she jumps from one confrontation with a more powerful individual to the next. I would have liked that she finally has more power herself and is not always pushed around by everyone else. I needed long to enjoy the book so I give only three and a half stars.

OK, so what can I say about this that I have not said about the previous instalments? Not much, I'm afraid. And that's not a good thing. Pacing is still good (though action scenes are becoming more and more confusing), world building good, plot ok (while I do have some beef with the whole Gabe and Eddie dying sideline as it seemed completely unnecessary and irrelevant, the overall story arch developed nicely here) but it falls flat on its face in the execution. Japh is still an abusive control freak. Dante is still a whining imbecile. And the repetition. Oh holyjesusmarymotherofgod, the constant repetition. I have actually done a count for this one so, Ms Saintcrow's editor, please take note:•tin fifth place we have the emerald on Dante's cheek which is mentioned 7 times, with emeralds altogether (there are 3 necromances plus Lucifer and Eve all with emeralds on their faces) being mentioned 18 times;•tin fourth place we have a tie between Dante's molecule-drip nail polish and black-diamond flames of a demon's aura with a respectable 8 mentions each;•tin third place, Dante's rings winking, swirling, sizzling, rolling, spitting and sparking 18 times;•tin second place, things glowing green are mentioned 36 times, mainly Japhrimel's eyes which have turned from radioactive green to laser green. In case you need an illustration, here's one of the first results that Google image search comes up with for "glowing green eyes".•tAnd finally, in first place, mentioned a mind boggling 76 times, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the mark. It pulses, it twists, it burns, it flares, it heats, crunches and flushes. 76 times. All I can say is if you are using this book for a drinking game, do not go with the word mark unless you want to end up at the hospital with a serious case of alcohol poisoning.

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This book is just one gigantic exercise in annoyance and frustration. I had no idea I could get sooooooo annoyed with the main character and continue to read the series. Dante Valentine is the most close minded, easily manipulated, dense, selfish, annoying character ever! Why does she trust Eve? Why does she distrust Japh? Why does she believe anything Eve says but disbelieves anything Japh says??? Oh Japh is a demon that's right, but lets all just conveniently forget the fact that Eve has been raised by the Devil the last few years. I'm sure she is still a total fucking angel you DENSE IDIOT DANTE. ARGH!!!!!!Yes, Japh hides things, keeps information to himself, and asks for trust. Eve tells Dante all sorts of things yet Dante never questions to motives or even the facts themselves. Whatever - live in your own world Danny. FINE. Japh deserves better. And so do the readers. Plus lets just talk about the fact that the few likeable characters beyond Japh is Eddie and Gabe and what happens to them??? THEY DIE. OFF SCREEN. What a fucking disservice to two awesome characters who got way to little screentime considering their loyalty to Dante and her issues. I totally liked them, and Dante claimed to love them but completely ignored them and dropped them from her life. So when she went crazy over their deaths I just couldn't really buy it. All in all this series started out with the most awesome first book ever but has been steadily declining since then. I will finish the series, mostly because of Japh, but Dante is going on my list of most dumb main characters ever.

Japhrimel and Dante have gone to Cairo Giza after having defeated Lucifer with the help of Lucas Villalobos. During their stay Dante gets an urgent message by her friend Gabe she can´t ignore. Gabe´s husband Eddie has been murdered and Gabe wants Danny´s help to revenge his death. Japh isn´t happy in the least about it he knows about Danny´s promise to the Devil to hunt the escaped demons. But Danny isnt´t inclined to keep her promise and is determined to protect Eve at all costs even against Japh...After having read the first 100 pages or so I alreday was very frustrated about Danny´s behaviour... sigh! See acts like a brat throughout the book, even knows it herself but that doesn´t stop her. Her relationship with Japh is strained to the breaking point, she complains most of the time not being the one in charge and only being pushed around, that everybody is lying to her (but she isn´t very truthful herself and does the same) and I really wasn´t sure anymore if I could finish reading this book. The only thing that kept me going on was my own curiosity how the story would unfold and if Danny could control her developing demon powers and her rage that came with her altered state. Japh´s task to keep her safe gets more and more difficult for him and his secrecy about his knowledge what´s going on isn´t doing any good to his and Danny´s relationship. Dante is obsessed with Eve to a degree I couldn´t follow her anymore she´s very single-minded in her stubbornness and the thought that maybe things aren´t always as they seem to be doesn´t even occur to her...Website of the author:

Saintcrow continues with her consistently exciting tales of Dante Valentine with "Saint City Sinners" - the 4th in the 5 book series.In this book Dante learns more about her demonic side, but is still frustratingly in the dark about a lot of things. Saintcrow won't give up her secrets easily! Dante is in constant turmoil, unable to trust even the people she loves the most, as she discovers secrets about her human friends Eddie and Gabe that have far reaching consequences.I must admit that I am starting to get a little annoyed by Saintcrows slightly repetitive style. Dante is like a dog with a bone, she seems to have one main idea per book, and the reader has to hear about it in every chapter. Predictably the 'Japh tells me nothing' tune is one that's played a lot here.What I do really appreciate about this series though is that it is keeping me on my toes. You really don't know what to expect next from Lilith, and that, along with the fast paced action plot makes for a thrilling ride.I look forward to reading the 5th and final installment.....
—Heather Dalgarno

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