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Salads To Go (2013)

Salads To Go (2013)

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Very short but I think that is good. You read the first section and it basically tells you everything you need to know in a short space. Then the rest of the pages are the author's favorite recipes (maybe combinations would be more accurate). Each one also tells how to mix up a home-made dressing as well. Good to keep in mind and reference in the future. I will be experimenting with this idea right away. There are a few things that drew me to this book, one being that it was a free download and two, the book over caught my eye. Well I am pretty glad I downloaded this book. It is a short booklet with some good perpetration procedures regarding salads. I like the idea of storing the salads in a jar and the neat trick of using a paper tow at top to help gather the excess moisture. Also I actually learned something - the veggies you buy at fast food places are not fresh. They are sprayed with a chemical to make them look fresh. The reason for the 3 star rating is that there were no nutrition count of calories, carbs, etc... for any/each salad presented. This book has the potential to be a keeper on the shelf if more info was added and more recipes.

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Great salads and ideas for on the go lunches!

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