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Sammy Keyes And The Wedding Crasher (2000)

Sammy Keyes and the Wedding Crasher (2000)

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About book Sammy Keyes And The Wedding Crasher (2000)

I love Sammy Keyes, and this was a great one! All of the usual crew are involved, and this time Officer Borsch is getting married! When Sammy's mother, Lady Lana, shows up, will it help Sammy or make the situation worse? If you love Sammy Keyes and her crazy adventures, this is a must read. You do want to read them in order though -- there is a lot of back story that you need to understand everything going here. I have a hard time rating any of the SK books with Casey in it lower than a four. It's probably being generous, but he was one of my first fictional crushes. Anyway, the downside to this book is I found myself less interested in the actual mystery part. I dunno if it's my age, if it was just not as exciting as, say, Art of Deception or Curse of Mustache Mary, but I just didn't care too much. Maybe it's all the mysteries I've been reading/watching lately. So why the four stars? Although I felt the main plot lacked a bit, I LOVED the Casey/Sammy plot. And the scene with Sammy in the closet and her mom outside of it (this sentence is literal, not euphemistic) kinda broke my heart, as did the part where she's in the car watching him skateboard. And any book that does that deserves 4 stars.

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I luv this book! Sammy and Casey are meant for each other 4ever!!!!!

Easy read - great for our LONG road trip :)

Can you say FINALLY!

I like this series.

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