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Sana Teslim Oldum (2011)

Sana Teslim Oldum (2011)
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Epsilon Yayınevi
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Sana Teslim Oldum (2011)
Sana Teslim Oldum (2011)

About book: Superb Regency romance......Anna Campbell is the ultimate historical romance author and I have never read a book written by her that didn't take my breath away. I love the aristocratic debauched rake who is drop dead gorgeous and never gives his heart away UNTIL a certain lady enters his life and he is surprisingly smitten. This story has a beautiful woman come to the rakish Earl of Ashcroft and propostion him but though intrigued he turns her down. It has a great plot and had me quite exhausted from the emotions I felt from beginning to end. I defy any one to read this book and not love it. The back of this book sounded so good, but I should have known that I would end up not liking it, since I have never had any luck when it came to this author. Her so called rakes always seems so pathetic where the heroines are concerned. She tells you how bad the heroes are and yet you never get to see it because the second they meet the heroine they turn into untried school boys salivating at the mouth. She doesn't even give you a chance to root for the hero to fall in love with the heroine because by page 36 you pretty much know how he feels for her since this rake is trembling when he touches her. Give the reader a little chase before the surrender! All I need to enjoy a romance is to see and understand how the hero and heroine fall in love with each other, but in this book the author doesn't really take you on that journey.
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The Heroine's plot deception overwhelms this romance. Too much melodrama.
It was a very sensual, hot and sexy yet innocent read.
Love me some Tarquin!!
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