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Sandy Y La Guerra De Los Sueños (2014)

Sandy y la Guerra de los Sueños (2014)

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About book Sandy Y La Guerra De Los Sueños (2014)

The breathless wait after the cliffhanger ending of the last book is finally over! I love the direction this series is taking, pulling in more intertwined story lines without damaging the growth or sheer joy at the heart of it all. The story progresses to the increase of the guardian's power and the building of the north pole city, while still leaving Pitch as a credible threat. And although the growing up of Katherine and Nightlight is bitter sweet, I have every trust in this author not to contaminate the beautiful world he has created that so many have fallen in love with. I eagerly wait for the next book. I really enjoyed Sanderson Mansnoozie. The name alone is fun. This book not only gave us a new Guardian, but it also gave us a lot of backstory for Pitch and Nightlight. It is also the beginning of North turning into the fat and jolly Santa Claus figure. I really enjoyed getting to know the story of Pitch's daughter. I'm glad Katherine is returned home, but is she the same? I am interested to see what Pitch will do now. He is definitely up to no good. What will he do in the next/last book?

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This episode fills in a lot if cracks in the backstory, and sets up the climax in the next book.

Another great installment of a great series!! Looking forward to the next one!

I love this whole series, and Sandman was no exception

¿Qué están esperando? Esta saga debe ser leída.

loved it! can't wait for the next book!

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