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Sarg Niemals Nie (2012)

Sarg niemals nie (2012)

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About book Sarg Niemals Nie (2012)

What do Jane Austen, *Anne Elliot*, John Keats, and Mary Shelley all have in common? Frederick Withers.A zany tale of an ordinary banker who is thrown into prison for fraud. When his cell mate dies of consumption, or some other random horrible disease, Frederick escapes in the coffin. Once outside (in the graveyard, of course), he runs into a group of vampires who think he is the Great One.No matter how much Frederick denies his vampire-ism, he is constantly followed by the knee-scooting worshipers. And it doesn't help any when he meets John Keats, a poet who can't help rhyming every sentence spoken to him. A cast of bumbling characters and a farce-like plot combine into a totally refreshing read, because, really, there aren't any other books out there like this one. This is the most silly story! Wells leads us from one absurdity to another nonsense from beginning to end. Sean Barrett reads it as if Frederick's puzzlement and quick wits were his own : as a reader, he actually is "The Great One" (no spoiler here). The scene in the charnel house had me laughing out loud while driving which wasn't the most secure thing to do. In short, it was a great fun!NB : I'm not sure I'll ever be able to read anything by Keats after that ;)

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I would have given it 4 stars but the vernacular was all off.

Hilarious! Tongue-in-cheek absurdist vampire story.

A quick read. Quite funny, very enjoyable.

I found this to be a fun read :-)

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