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Satılık Aşk (2011)

Satılık Aşk (2011)

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Artemis Yayınları

About book Satılık Aşk (2011)

Well it wasn't bad, just not as good as JM's others. The big complaint, Lola should not have wound up with Doug at the end. I wish she would have met somebody better. Yep, she did break up with him at 17 for money, let's face it - two teenagers, one wealthy and the other not and the wealthy one with a mum who is quite willing to do anything to get the girl out of her son's life - the odds are good the relationship isn't going to work out and the girl really needs the money to save her family so she makes the best of a bad situation - cause it isn't too likely that wealthy, mummy-ruled sad sack is going to stick it out anyhow. 10 years on they meet again and it is that old black magic all over again until wealthy boy finds out what poor girl did and then gets irked and dumps her. He really doesn't listen to any explanations or try to see the poor side of it or even really consider talking to his overbearing, interfering mum but he supposedly lurved this girl more than any other. I can see getting pissed initially but to go on for months berating and abusing the girl all the while? Of course it doesn't help that said poor girl keeps throwing herself at him, trying to change his mind. Eventually she gives up and tries to move on and said wealthy boy pops back in to take up where he left off. No explanations, no discussion just moving on to sex. Doug was a prat and Lola, for all her faults deserved better than the wuss he turned out to be with his little hurt feelings and no compassion. Hopefully the infatuation wears off after a few rounds in bed and Lola can find a real, decent guy who actually gives her the benefit of the doubt and knows her moral character a bit better. I gave this book a solid 3/5, and I feel as if that was very generous.I was very excited to read this book, as the plot seemed pretty interesting with her meeting her ex years later. But I was really disappointed.The idea was a good idea, but poorly executed. I didn't feel the connection between Lola and Doug at all. I don't even know if I really wanted them together. I also was not that fond of Doug, as his character was pretty bland and Lola seemed to be too overly hyper. Maybe that was just me.I also hated the fact that so much time was spent focusing on other characters. While yes, it's good to have other characters involved in a story, but this one just put too much time into other characters when all I really cared about was Lola and Doug. Like, I don't care if Gabe became a paparazzi, I don't care if he met a celebrity who wanted him, I just cared about the drama between the two MAIN characters, not all of the side stories.I'm giving it a 3 because while I found somethins very annoying, some parts were witty and funny and enjoyable. But for the most part, not a really remarkable read.

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having another form of bliss you get from reading a book by Jill Mansell :)

Another great story from Jill Mansell. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Easy read, funny and heartwarming book.Loved it.

Not my favourite of jill's books... But ok...

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