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Saved By His Submissive (The W.I.L.D. (Warriors Intense In Love & Domination) Boys Of Special Forces) (2013)

Saved By His Submissive (The W.I.L.D. (Warriors Intense in Love & Domination) Boys of Special Forces) (2013)

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0988870126 (ISBN13: 9780988870123)
Angel Payne

About book Saved By His Submissive (The W.I.L.D. (Warriors Intense In Love & Domination) Boys Of Special Forces) (2013)

I give this 3.5 stars. As an action story, this was good. I enjoyed the struggle and triumph of Sage getting back to life after her rescue. I would have liked a little more background on her 12 months between captive and on the run. I thought she was a little too grounded for someone who had been a captive for a year, but I do appreciate that her character was strong, and hadn't been broken. Rayna was more believable for me, but I did liked Sage. Garrett frustrated me. His personal denial about his sexuality, even though he had participated in BDSM to some degree, was painful to read. While his reasons were explained well enough, for a 30 something year old, I would have thought he had some sense.As a romance, this didn't do it for me. BDSM -lite... .at most. The switching personalities when his 'beast' was rising irked me. I thought Dom's had more control and were more self aware? Writing was good. I didn't feel bored, or frustrated until the last chapter. Even though Garrett was a frustrating character, Sage saved the story for me. The book was well edited. Only one or two minor grammar errors in the whole book. I know that's not something to celebrate in the grand scheme of things, becuase authors should produce quality, but in the age of self publishing kindle reads, where some books are just aaargh! this is something I appreciate. Let me start by saying that my Bestie told me about this author and could not believe she had not told me about this author and series sooner. I mean Hello she knows I love HOT Alpha military men. Then I had the honor of meeting the amazing Angel Payne this year at RomCon where she signed a paperback copy of Saved By his Submissive, Handcuffed by Her Hero, and Surrendering to Her Sergeant. Garrett (Hawk) Hawkins lost the love his life, Sage Weston, when she was kidnapped and killed over a year ago. With nothing else to loose and not know anything else but being a in the Special Forces unit he dove in turning himself into a being the best at his job and taking on any assignment. The one assignment that he took to save some American aid workers from human traffickers ended up sending him on a tilt-a-world ride. He got more than he bargained for that day not only did they save the American aid workers but they found Sage and Rayna. He had his girl back and he was not going to let her go. Sage Weston was captured and beat along with Rayna for over a year. When Zeke and Garrett rescue them she realizes she needs Garrett to be her Dom. She needs a way to relinquish power over her to him but he is having no part of it. Garrett is determined to protect her from everything even him. Sage is a strong, sassy, and determined woman and will figure a way to get Garrett to see things her way. I love that Sage is a strong woman even though she has been through hell and back she is still spunky, sassy and strong. She is determined and never gives up she goes after what she wants. Garrett is the hot alpha male that will do anything to protect what is his. I found myself telling Garrett what I thought of him throughout the entire book some of the things he did or said to Sage I was ready to go on a warpath for her. I also loved seeing the small glimpses between Rayna and Zeke and I really enjoyed most every seen that Uncle Wyatt was in. The one on one talk between Garrett and Wyatt was one of my favorites.If you love suspense, action, strong sassy women and hot military alpha men you will not want to pass this one up. I cannot wait to start Handcuffed by Her Hero which is Zeke’s book next. Angel Payne did a great job keeping me turning the pages in this one I can only image were the next one is going to lead me. Some of my Favorites:“You’re not a gift I’m going to waste. I swear by this ring and everything it still means to me, you will be safe. I’ll protect you from any animal, asshole, criminal, or deviant who thinks they can lay so much as a fingernail of harm against you. And yeah, that includes protecting you from me too.” You want to keep me safe, Sergeant Hawkins? That’s just peachy by me, baby. Let’s rumble. “I said you’ve been through this. That wasn’t a two-way conversation we had in Bangkok. It was the Garrett Hawkins sermon hour, concluded when you decided the gospel had gotten pounded into me enough, and it was time to ram your close-minded brain back into the quicksand of denial.”

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Special Ops Garrett!!! Hot and kinky....thank you Angel. Good mew series. love it!!

Love these stories!!!!

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