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Saving Italy: The Race To Rescue A Nation's Treasures From The Nazis (2014)

Saving Italy: The Race to Rescue a Nation's Treasures from the Nazis (2014)
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0393348806 (ISBN13: 9780393348804)
W. W. Norton & Company
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Saving Italy: The Race To Rescue A Na...
Saving Italy: The Race To Rescue A Nation's Treasures From The Nazis (2014)

About book: The author can overwhelm with detail, making it difficult to keep everyone straight, particularly when listening to this amazing account. I also wished for reproductions of the buildings and work mentioned. However, the big picture of this relatively untold story makes it compelling. The intrigue leading to the SS surrender of Italy by Karl Wolff, without Hitler's approval, was fascinating. I was struck by the Italian public's emotional welcome for the art treasures, and the men who saved them, as they returned to the Uffizi in Florence. It is amazing that more of these treasures were not destroyed. "The Last Supper" was almost bombed to bits, for example. I really enjoyed 'The Monuments Men,' but I felt like Edsel's follow up fell a little flat. Admittedly, the history of 'Saving Italy' lacks some of the narrative clarity he had going for him with the first book. For example, there's no Italian equivalent to French heroine Rose Valland. Also, in 'Saving Italy' some of the heroes act a little less than heroically at times and get into bitter back-biting. Meanwhile Nazis are secretly working for peace. It's awkward. Right? I suppose it's tough on an author when history doesn't fit a clean narrative.But, the larger problem was that the whole manuscript felt unedited - like I was reading an early draft that got rushed to press because 'The Monuments Men' movie was coming out. There were so many characters coming and going that it was hard to keep track of who was who. And basic exposition about the war, history and art was missing or confused. Still - an important bit of unsung history that's nice to have documented.
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A very detailed, excellently researched book about Italy's masterpieces during WWII.
Interesting story but really needed an editor.
Outstanding .... exciting read
Fascinating story!
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