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Savor You (2013)

Savor You (2013)

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About book Savor You (2013)

I finished it until the end. I don't hate the book. Actually, no matter how badly it frustrated me, I never thought of putting it down. I wanted to finish it, hoping my heart will change and I'll end up loving it. It just simply didn't work out.Everything was too messy. I mean, Emily Snow's approach was great. It was new but it ended up messing the book. If you aren't paying attention enough, you'll get lost. And sadly, I wasn't paying enough attention. As I have said, I finished it but it doesn't mean it worked out with me.The book lacked climax, zero uprise found, and the falling action was too fast.Maybe it's just me. Maybe I've just read too many books. Savor You was an okay book. I would rate it 3 ½ stars… The story line was sweet but there were quite a few things that really bothered me about the book. The story follows the 8 year “friends with benefits” relationship of Kylie and Wyatt. While I can understand that there are women that allow dysfunctional relationships to go on way too long, 8 years is ridiculous. Especially when it is obvious from the very beginning that Kylie is in love with Wyatt. Also, throughout the story it is alluded to that Wyatt has seriously damaged his relationship with Kylie on 18 different occasions! Seriously, what kind of girl stays around that long to have been hurt so badly each time that she feels the need to get a tattoo to commemorate the event?!Kylie is an extremely weak girl that turns to putty as soon as the man that has stomped on her heart repeatedly waltzes back into the room. I wanted to reach through my Kindle so that I could slap her. It was increasingly frustrating how easily she fell back into his spell. That being said, I remember being young and stupid and I am pretty sure I did the same thing a number of times… But not for EIGHT YEARS! Have some self-respect girl!I do not like books with playlist. Seriously. What is that? It’s a book, not a movie. It doesn’t need a soundtrack. This is almost as frustrating as when an author tries to write a song in the middle of a book. Just because you write an awesome book DOES NOT make you Elton John. (or an actual relevant songwriter in 2014…) My next rant is ridiculous and somewhat irrelevant but I feel that it needs to be said. NO ONE goes to a bar, at night, to see live music, and drinks a Bloody Mary. Okay, maybe someone does, but I can guarantee you that they are not over the age of 20 and just didn’t know anything else to order. Bloody Marys are fantastic. They, like my favorite, a dirty martini, come with a snack. This is always a win in my book. A Bloody Mary is for brunch. And hangovers. It is never for clubbing. That being said, Savor You isn’t a great book, but it’s a good book. It is definitely worth the $0.99 (actually that is for all 7 books in the anthology so it is definitely worth the $0.14) and the few hours it takes to read it.for more reviews by Read Like a Girl, visit

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I loved getting to know Kylie better. This book really delved deeper into Kylie and Wyatt.

Good story!! Like that the Devoured series continues! Now it is the sisters turn

Great addition to the series. Can't wait for the next.

Love this author. I'm slowing going crazy for Consumed.

Loved the story of Kylie and Wyatt.

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