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Scandals, Rumors, Lies (2010)

Scandals, Rumors, Lies (2010)

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About book Scandals, Rumors, Lies (2010)

I was a little disappointed with the past two books I have read in this series. The plot jumps around and this particular installment seemed a little rushed. There really wasn't any substance to it. Also, the gossip blogger wasn't as dramatic as I thought she would be. She enters the plot about two thirds of the way through the book. Also, there are some problems with continuity.On top of that the errors with spelling are atrocious. Worse than any of the others. It also end abruptly. Plus it shamelessly plugs certain products to tweens, e.g. the BlackBerry. Instead of texting the girls BlackBerry Message and call it BBM in coversation. It makes things less believable.Honestly, I'm glad I borrowed this one from the library instead of buying it. Scandals, Rumors, and Lies By Jessica BurkhartRealistic Fiction181 pagesSasha Silver and her ex-best friend, Paige, had a huge fight so Sasha moved in with her new best friend in the world, Brit. Heather, the queen bee, has become a great friend of Sasha’s. Sasha’s favorite season, Halloween, is coming up. Her first official date with her new boyfriend Jacob was a beautiful, romantic scene. Sasha has been freaked out because Callie made the YENT team but is still being nasty. Jacob has invited Sasha and Brit out so he can get to know Sasha’s new roommate. Mean while, extremely mean and nasty blogs, one meant towards Sasha being too popular, and another calling Brit a small town girl, which is true but hurt Brit’s feelings. The last post is about Paige. It says she had a HUGE fight with her boyfriend Ryan. This was just gossip though!!! Halloween comes and a “spooky” trail ride had been set up for riders only where things pop out. While Sasha is on, she turns around and a guy in a black mask had replaced Brit. It was Jacob! When he apologized to Erik earlier that week for kissing Sasha when he wasn’t dating her. Erik agreed to give Jacob riding lessons though. This is a truly romantic, comedy with a twist of bad luck. I gave it 5 stars for its awesome, cute, powerful message of friendship.

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