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Scarecrow And The Army Of Thieves (2011)

Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves (2011)

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1416577599 (ISBN13: 9781416577591)
Simon & Schuster

About book Scarecrow And The Army Of Thieves (2011)

Polar conditions, large carnivorous mammals, and Scarecrow with his Maghook - it's a great recipe that I can't get enough of. This is a typical Matthew Reilly read: tons of pulse pounding action interspersed with even more ultra-intense action. There should probably be a warning against reading this book if you have a heart condition. Just don't get too attached to anybody because they are probably going to die. Welcome back Scarecrow, Mother et al. Another action packed adventure that is almost impossible to put down. Many times I thought it was all over for any or all of our heroes, but no Mr Reilly manages to find a new way for our hero to come through with guns blazing... Have we discovered new heroes in Emma Dawson and Zack Weinburg? I don't care what the literary critics say about Matthew Reilly's novels, I think they are great and always look forward to the latest story. Thanks Matthew, I can now get my breath back.

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it's got great action that it's meant to become a blockbuster feature film for the summer...

A fun and an entertaining story. Action packed classic style action adventure novel.

Just awesome! Love the scarecrow and hopefully there will be another book to follow

A decent villain. I look forward to his return.

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