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Scarred By Love (2014)

Scarred by Love (2014)

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About book Scarred By Love (2014)

I loved almost every aspect of this novel. So much so that I read it all night and into the morning. The style of writing was wonderful and really pulled me into the story. I loved the characters and their passion, but their fighting really started to grate on my nerves a little and the crying constantly by both started to wear on my but besides that this was a wonderful book ignited in passion and love. I would give it more like a 4.5 but that is not a choice. It is through their ups and downs that this book blossoms into an amazing plot and really pulls the reader into the story making you forget about time and space. A great read!For more reviews, go to my blog I am giving this review for author C.A. Harms. This is book 1 of the Scarred by Love series by the author.Riley was in an abusive relationship and after leaving it her friends convince her to go out and have fun. She was not looking for romance at all and had tried to shy away from it completely. Zander is the lead singer in a group and he was attracted to his friend Beth but when Riley agrees to give him a chance his feelings change.This story is just a simple sweet story of romance. The characters are just like the people next door. I think the author played the abusive relationship Riley suffered spot on and you can feel how her character is torn.This is a romance story that has some sexual content and language so it is for mature romance book readers.

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I know I recently read this book but I don't remember it so I'm guessing it wasn't that good!

Less than ok. Silly book and the characters aren't likable. love story non existent.

I loved this book, one of the best books I have read so far!!!!!!

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