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Schieflage (2009)

Schieflage (2009)
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Schieflage (2009)
Schieflage (2009)

About book: Ehhh.. That's all I can say. Not a bad story, but the twists weren't exactly novel and the resolution of the action didn't really do all the build up justice. Not meant for a thriller, but it gives a pretty good definition of what a teenagers stream of consciousness follows in stressing situations. The language was very iffy though, in terms of word choice and dialogue. It felt as if the author generalized how american teenagers communicate. It was a little cringe-worthy when the words "like" and "frickin'" were used. Speaking as a teenager myself, it's either you say the whole curse and go all out or you spend some time putting together a coherent sentence. Also, the ending landed the plot awkwardly; a lot of things were going on at the same time when the book finished. So-and-so turned out to be this way, the other dude became like this, and now people are in jail and people still smoke. The resolution is kinda lost, and now the main conflict is left a little muddled. What really happened in this story, and what was there to learn or take away from it? Well written and poorly written. Can't decide. Interesting p.o.v. from the hoodlum himself, who actually doesn't seem as scary written from his p.o.v. And I like how the title comes out at the end in a very positive light. But I really wasn't 'into' the book; the writing didn't make me 'not want to put it down'. Would have loved to have read "Crime and Punishment" before I read this. Maybe I will now.
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The book was not bad but it did not catch my attention.
one of my students lost my copy of this. :/
i thought it was great in a weird way
234 pages
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