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School, Drool, And Other Daily Disasters (2010)

School, Drool, and Other Daily Disasters (2010)

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0312532903 (ISBN13: 9780312532901)
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About book School, Drool, And Other Daily Disasters (2010)

Enjoyed reading this book to/with my son... it reads like many of the other popular boys' books out there lately, but it has a main character who is nervous, anxious, and often hesitant to say what he really thinks. He works really hard to improve on these challenges, and you read about plenty of opportunities to cheer him on and sometimes congratulate him. Great story for those "worriers" out there. Justin Case was very nervous about entering third grade and, unfortunately, with good reason--he's not in the same room as his best friend Daisy or his second best friend Noah, he didn't get the "cool" teacher, and his sister has waltzed into her first day of kindergarten with no problems. At home his best stuffed animal friend Wingnut has disappeared. And his constant badgering of his parent to get him a dog seems not be working until--surprise--he is given a dog that is so big he lives in fear of the animal. Justin's life seems to be one trial after another, but he plods through it all with mostly successes. The reader will find humor in Justin's daily combat with his fears.

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I read this with my 11 year old son. We enjoyed it. It was an easy read for both of us.

I like it because it is about someone who conquer their worries.

Cute relatable humor, appealing character


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