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Scion Of Cyador (2001)

Scion of Cyador (2001)
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Scion Of Cyador (2001)
Scion Of Cyador (2001)

About book: This is the second part of the duo of the earliest history of the land of Candar.Our hero from the first book is now moderately well successful in the military branch of the structured remnants of the high tech society he lives in. However, his problems are not yet over. He has learned some moderate skill to control "magical" forces of chaos and has learned to use that to further his military successes. However this leads to conflict with his military superiors who do not trust the Magi'i of the land and several of whom are looking to gather more power to themselves in the upheaval they expect as the ailing emperor continues to fail in health. Lorn is forced to confront these problems and find a way to balance all three major groups of the societyThis concludes the duo of the earliest history of this land. There is not much background given of their forefathers who settled the land centuries before but hints are given of their skills and abilities with much higher technology. Nor is any indication given as to how they arrived on this planet or why.Lorn as a master of chaos is the hero of this book. Chaos is often referred to with the color of white and sometimes as tinged in red. This becomes important in the other novels in the Recluse series.

The second half of the Lorn-focused books. I like it at least as much as the first - it's a little less repetitive and Lorn's adventures are broader in scope and importance. The stilted language still bugs me a little, but plotwise the pieces fit together nicely and it comes to a satisfying conclusion.I have some minor quibbles with the worldbuilding. much is made of the mystery of the founders of the empire, but it was only founded two hundred years prior - that's really not very far in terms of overlapping lifespans. And there's some great historic emperor who is likewise mysterious, but in that timespan there's really no way he's more than a few generations removed from the current one. I suspect Modesitt, being American, made some unthinking assumptions about number of rulers per generation and rapidity of change that aren't really held up by logic, particularly given that this culture is stagnant-to-declining technologically and extremely conservative socially.
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Scion of Cyador is the direct sequel to Magi'i of Cyador and chronologically the earliest book in the series, though it is the eleventh of eighteen books (to date). I read Magi'i of Cyador a while ago and I couldn't suppress the urge to read the sequel any longer. This book is a little less focused on battles and a bit more on politics, especially the second half. L.E. Modesitt is very good at letting the reader see all the little signs of change and what they add up to. It's one of the longer SAGA OF RECLUCE books but well worth the read.After his excursions within the Accursed Forest, Lorn is sent to the port city of Biehl, generally considered a quiet outpost where chances of getting involved in skirmishes with the barbar... Read More:
Jay Hendricks
Second book in the Cyador series based in Recluse by L.E. Modesitt Jr, this book ends what began in Magi'i of Cyador. The story picks up where the prior one left off, with Lorn being promoted to Overcaptian and to a new post. I rated this book higher than the last, as it brings about many more chuckles (at the main character's greatness and deeds) than the prior book. This author is excellent in his ways of building up his hero's knowledge and/or power through the course of a book. Ultimately of course the Hero prevails in the end in a glorious fashion, yet the stories, if you enjoy that type, are all still quite entertaining.
The story of Lorn continues in this book of 700+ pages. If you're familiar to the series there's nothing much new here. More battles, and politics, and some magic, some romance, and even some poetry.I did notice an increase in grammatical and spelling errors in the book than in previous of Modesitt Jr's books, or any other book, for that matter. A recurring character's name was even misspelled once.I believe he published 6 books in 2001. That's right, 6 books! That doesn't include other short fiction (see his wikepedia entry.) The two Recluce books total over 1300 pages alone. Assuming The other 4 are 250 pages apiece, that means he averaged six pages of writing every day of the year. Comparatively he published two books in 2000 and in 2002.Prolific, yes.
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