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Scorching Secrets (2013)

Scorching Secrets (2013)

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Kaitlyn Hoyt

About book Scorching Secrets (2013)

Now there is a hell of a cliff hanger, be still my beating heart. This series just gets better and better, plenty of action and mayhem to keep you guessing.Ryanne was a great character initially a timid, fade into the background type of girl but she put her "big girl panties" on and decided to not be a victim and I liked that about her. She evolved throughout the story and I liked that Colton and her relationship progressed and digressed as it was not that "instant" kind of love and lots of external things impacted on them. Emma is such a wonderful friend and Natasha is such a bitch and you can easily identify her as the "Cheerleader" type who is used to getting all the cute boys. I liked Liam's character and thought he was a wonderful sounding board for Ryanne when she needed a shoulder to cry on and it happened a bit in this second book. I am reading them one after the other so it has to be good to keep me reading. This book started out great in the beginning but I feel like it got dragged. And the part that bothered me the most was Ryanne's obliviousness and insecurities. I really hated when she was having pity parties left and right saying she's not good enough for everyone and she's not beautiful. It irked me. I swear just once, look at yourself in the mirror and point out a feature that you like about yourself instead of constantly bringing yourself down which is not helping you or anybody. I had to give it two stars because I felt like there was no progress. They just lounge around and I get to read Ryanne feeling bad for herself every single page.

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I love this whole series! One of my favorites of all times.

What kind of ending was that?!?!?! Son of a biscuit eater!!

To much sleeping.

My fave book

Love it

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