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Scoring Wilder (2014)

Scoring Wilder (2014)

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R.S. Grey

About book Scoring Wilder (2014)

~~~ 4.5 STARS ~~~Absolutely loved it, finished it all in one day, I could not put the book down! Kinsley's inner dialog were outrageously funny and had me cracking up. The story was sweet and I LOVED that it was based around soccer. The character's were all completely unique and awesome in their own way and I loved her best friend! I also liked that there was no really unnecessary drama between Liam and Kinsley like so many other stories have. I absolutely loved Scoring Wilder, R.S Grey did a superb effort and I can't wait to read more stories written by this author! This book is such horrible read.1. The book devoted at least the first 5 chapters to explain that both the main character, Kelsey, and her love interest, Liam Wilder, are the "hottest" and "sexiest" in the country. Really, they even included the part where they ranked and interviewed them about it!2. This book doesn't really have that interesting a plot besides maybe depicting Kelsey's journey to make it to the Olympic team even though I picked up this book thinking I will get a forbidden love story, which would be interesting to read about all the sexual tension and the restraint and whatever the went through to be together. I got none of that because guess what? "lol nope sorry, they're pretty much together already from the beginning."Why? Because:a. I think the book was trying to depict a love triangle with this other girl, Tara, but it didn't work out because from the beginning, Kelsey and Wilder are ALREADY VERY INTERESTED in each other and Liam couldn't care less about Tara.b. The book also tried another attempt at a love triangle with Kelsey and his ex-boyfriend, Josh. Too bad, because Kelsey repeated at least ten times (internally and externally) just in the first few chapters repeating how they am not getting back together. Looks like this is a gone case huh.3. Well, so what's this book left with? The main character Kelsey and her love interest Liam Wilder. Well, it's still forbidden for them to get together and stuff right? Well, but there was barely any restraint at all. They were asked not to talk to each other but they do it anyway, of course, after mentioning "when nobody was looking". And when I say "when nobody was looking", I mean about every single time.4. What's left now? Liam Wilder. Maybe we will find out the history of how he turned from a "bad boy" into a "nice guy". But that again was simply brushed away. Even though the book cover said that Liam was the "resident bad boy", but guess what? Nope! He was depicted as a good guy 99% of the story (on hindsight, maybe 100% because the only time he was mentioned to be a bad boy was at the front where they recall his past for a few lines which doesn't even count). He just magically because good because being bad was a "mistake" and he realised this when his endorsers wanted him to change his attitude. THAT'S ALL!I mean it. This change was addressed simply in a few lines of dialogue.4. Dismal attempt at character development. All of characters follow certain archetypes and are completely flat and one-sided.5. Oh right, we kind of forgot even if everybody else is a failed character, we at least have our main character, Kelsey. Well... Why must you write down all her completely irrelevant and unpurposeful thoughts?!?!?!?! Honestly, there will be parts where she goes something like "Oh that look like an apple pie. Apple pi? Yay 3.14159, wait what?" except it's not even remotely as interesting as that (I didn't even make up the "wait, what?").5. The plot moves so slowly!! I didn't make it to the end. (I read the last few chapters and skipping majority of the middle because it moves at such a dreadfully slow pace I cannot read it anymore)This book is a disaster for me. I felt like I wasted my life reading it. If you want to pick it up, all I can say is "at your own risk".

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Meh. It was ok. Maybe a bit "too young" for me...

Awesome story. Really funny. I recommend!!



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