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Scouting Jasmine (2011)

Scouting Jasmine (2011)

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0316187461 (ISBN13: 9780316187466)

About book Scouting Jasmine (2011)

Scouting Jasmine is a fun prequel for fans of the Jaz Parks series. It's written from Vayl's POV and it's a great insight into his character and hints at why he decided to team up with Jasmine. It's a very short and quick read, but I wouldn't actually recommend reading it first if you are new to the series. Though it's a prequel, it gives a bit of the main story points away and is better read after the first three books. I enjoyed seeing this from Vayl's perspective, especially because Jaz seems to think she's nothing special while Vayl obviously does. He's often described as sort of unfeeling, but it's nice to know he really does have very strong feelings, he apparently just hides them well. Looking forward to the other shorts coming out over the next few months.This was a very short read; finished it the whole story during my lunch break while eating and doing other things.

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Tohle byla sranda :D Ale kratka sranda :X Doporucuju napriklad lidem, jako jeeee... Kačča :P

3.5 but I enjoyed seeing Jaz from Vayl's perspective I am rating it up.

I enjoyed it, tho the length and the male POW ruins it a bit for me.

This item will be released on Apr. 18, 2011 (ebook)

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