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Scream For Me: A Novel Of The Night Hunter (2014)

Scream For Me: A Novel of the Night Hunter (2014)

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1477848460 (ISBN13: 9781477848463)
Montlake Romance

About book Scream For Me: A Novel Of The Night Hunter (2014)

Maybe there are some series that I shouldn't read in quick succession. This may be one of them. While reading it, I didn't enjoy this book any less than I did the others I've read in the series. Yet, when I think back on it to write the review, I'm left with a bit of a flat feeling about it. The only thing I can think of that may have caused that is the characters, who were a carry-through from the previous book, didn't seem to match what I knew of them from that book. I didn't much care for the personality of the hero, and the whole idea of the cool, professional profiler liking it rough in bed didn't synch for me. It also seemed as if the author changed her mind about the perp at the end in favor of one who hadn't been on our radar at all. Usually there's something that clicks for me mid-book about someone unexpected who will turn out to be the villain. I used to think it was because I was very clever, but now know that it's the author who plants that subtle hint. This time - nothing. Other than that, I liked the way the suspense was set up. Caves both scare and intrigue me. I'll undoubtedly read more of Ms. Eden's work, but this one was a disappointment. This book was engaging enough but I didn't really buy the relationship between FBI agents, Kyle McKenzie and Cadence Hollow. Both have been assigned to stop a serial killer who has been terrorizing women in four states. He has racked up 13 victims including someone very close one of the agents. This is quite an engaging thriller and you are constantly wondering who the killer is until the very end. In all the mayhem, the agents are having a difficult time ignoring their growing feelings for one another. Unfortunately, the chemistry is off between these two and it seems they are more in lust with each other than in love. The love scenes felt mechanical, superficial and passionless.Great beach read, fast paced action, but fail on romance.

Do You like book Scream For Me: A Novel Of The Night Hunter (2014)?

Exciting story! This book had action, steamy sex, and ultimately a love story! great read!!

Great story a really good mix of romance an mystery!

Breath taking thriller. couldn't stop reading.


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