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Screw Business As Usual (2011)

Screw Business As Usual (2011)

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0753539799 (ISBN13: 9780753539798)
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Excellent!Bravo Richard! It is these type of ideas that truly bring about change. But not just change for the sake of it… Real change and real passion to see a different tomorrow than the one we are experiencing today. The idea of the elders and the business leaders is one who's time has come… And if each of us will take one step, we will all move closer to reality that includes us all. Not just the ones were well-off, and not just the ones who can speak with the loudest voices. This book is about what we can do today and tomorrow to screw business as usual and move in a direction that our hearts and our minds have always known as not just human, but more and more divine! Read this book, and then connect in. Check out what they're doing on Facebook, twitter and all around the globe. And then take your first step today… That is the way. Step one… And the rest will be the history that we speak of with joy and humility in the decades to come! This lightweight screed reflects the holistic attitude towards business that Richard Branson supposedly has. Not having had the opportunity to experience Virgin service myself, I can't judge that claim. The supreme irony in the book for me is that Branson inadvertently pops his own bubble more than once with casual references to his private island or to the people who populate his world. It's a breezy read, but don't expect much from it.

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business not only drive the economy but also can mobilize the community to solve social issues

Enjoyable read, but not nearly as great as "Losing My Virginity"

Decided I like this book more than originally thought.

Surprisingly boring book from Richard.

Life changing

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